Conducting Research from an Anti-Racism Lens

A new resource to the Library’s Anti-Racism Resources Libguide is Conducting Research Through an Anti-Racism Lens.  Created by the librarians at the University of Minnesota, this resource was created for researchers looking to incorporate anti-racism into their research practices. 

Conducting research through an anti-racism lens is a long-term and ongoing process and must be considered as part of a complex system that oppresses people and groups in multifaceted ways (i.e., classism, ethnocentrism, capitalism, casteism, etc.).  The guide reveals examples of racist research systems and practices such as search algorithms, scholarly publishing, and library cataloging & classification systems.  It also shares resources for mitigating those problematic systems and practices.  One such resource: A Toolkit for Centering Racial Equity Throughout Data Integration, created by Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy that discusses problematic practices in research and compares them with positive practices to utilize. 

Visit the Library’s Anti-Racism Resources Libguide for this and other useful research tools.

Borrow Library Books with our Grab-N-Go service!

Need books from the D. Samuel Gottesman Library’s collection? You can borrow them by using our Grab-N-Go service. Just follow these simple steps: 

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Contactless Comb Binding

Has your pile of papers got you in a bind? Comb Binding is available! Submit your documents online. Do not bring your papers to us! 

  • We will print out the document 
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NYC Open Data Week – March 6-14

Data nerds, mark your calendars! New York City’s Open Data Week festival begins on Saturday, March 6. During this year’s festival, all of the 75+ events will be held virtually.

Events include workshops, panel discussions, tours, and community gatherings. Topics run the gamut from data privacy, climate change, COVID-19, to bridging the digital divide. Learn more about your neighborhood, your borough, and New York City by leveraging NYC’s publicly available data.

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