Access Millions of Images From PubMed Central Articles

Open-i enables search and retrieval of abstracts and images (including charts, graphs, clinical images, etc.) from the open-source literature, and biomedical image collections. Searching may be done using text queries as well as query images. Open-i provides access to over 3.7 million images from about 1.2 million PubMed Central articles; 7,470 chest x-rays with 3,955 radiology reports; 67,517 images from NLM History of Medicine collection; and 2,064 orthopedic illustrations.

New NIH Resource To Analyze Biomedical Research Citations

The resource called the NIH Open Citation Collection (OCC), as described in the recent PLOS Biology essay is now freely available and ready for the biomedical and behavioral research communities to use.

You can access, visualize, and bulk download OCC data as part of the NIH’s webtool called iCite.  iCite allows users to access bibliometric tools, look at productivity of research, and see how often references are cited. 

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