ACS ChemWorx Collaboration with Mendeley

ACS Publications is discontinuing ACS ChemWorx (including the reference manager function) on May 20, 2019. This means users will no longer be able to access ACS ChemWorx or add new references to your ACS ChemWorx reference library from the ACS Publications website.

ACS Publications has begun a collaboration with Mendeley. ChemWorx users will be able to transfer references to Mendeley, but must do so before May 20, 2019. Here’s how:

  1. Export your ACS ChemWorx references/pdfs – Instructions here
  2. Download the new Mendeley Desktop
  3. You will be prompted to create a Mendeley account if you do not already have one
  4. Open Mendeley Desktop and sign in 
  5. Import your references and PDFs into Mendeley Desktop – Instructions here
  6. If there are any issues with duplicates in your library please see this guide