Who knew? The Library provides access to a visual diagnostic decision support tool

VisualDx is a point-of-care visual diagnostic tool, containing over 24,000 images represented in nearly 1,200 diagnoses. The intuitive search interface allows you either to develop a differential diagnosis or search by symptom, visual clue or phrase. Physician-reviewed clinical information is integrated into the system and is frequently updated.

VisualDx is available through the Library’s website in both desktop and app versions. A link to the VisualDx app is located on the Library’s mobile resources guide, along with other resources for your mobile device.

Read the Library’s February Newsletter!

In this issue of Biblioblast, the Library Newsletter:

  • Participate in the Library‚Äôs Faculty Book Exhibit
  • Put Up an Exhibit in the Library Lobby
  • Save the Date: The New York Public Library Is Coming to You on March 7
  • Find Health Services Research and Public Health Information
  • New Opioid Abuse Topic Page on MedlinePlus
  • The Library Lends iPads and iPad Minis
  • Print from Your Laptop with Web-Based Printing
  • New from Clinical Key
  • New from NCBI Bookshelf

and more!

Who knew? The Library lends iPads

The Library has iPads and iPad minis available to lend.

Our iPads are 16GB, wireless ready and come preloaded with resources licensed by the D. Samuel Gottesman Library, as well as resources from the National Library of Medicine and the Centers for Disease Control. Google Drive is also installed for easier access to all your documents in the cloud. Personal software can be downloaded onto the iPads. All downloaded programs and apps will be erased from the iPad when returned.

You can also print from our iPads using web print.

Check one out today! See our iPad guide for more information.