Play Games in the Library!

Occam’s Razor, a card game, is now on reserve in the library and is available for a one-day loan. Created by two physicians to be both a game and a study aid to challenge diagnostic ability, the game draws on the classic theories of Occam’s razor and Hickam’s dictum, that the simplest explanation is usually correct and that patients can have as many diseases as they please, respectively. According to Nerdcore Medical, the game creators, Occam’s Razor is useful for USMLE Step 2 CS prep. The game features fourteen conditions, from acute appendicitis to septic arthritis.
There are four different ways to play:

  • Gin Rummy Occam: Collect the highest scoring hand of matching symptoms.
  • Deduce the Disease: Be the first to deduce the hidden disease card.
  • Occam Solitaire: Match symptoms in order to clear all your face-down piles.
  • Spoons: Include family and friends in a fun, fast-paced game that requires no previous medical knowledge.

Who knew? You can save documents to the cloud with our scanner.

The scanner in the Beren Study Center has gotten a software upgrade. Now you can save scanned documents to Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Box. To do so, tap the “Save to Cloud Storage” button after scanning your document. Tap the button for the cloud storage of your choice, and put in your username and password.

For more information on the Library’s printing, scanning, and photocopying services, see our guide.